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Mar 4, 2014 12:37am EST
through the door, hitting reeva three times, in the hip, elbow, and head. but the defense tells a different story. in a sworn statement pistorius claims he thought reeva was an intruder and that he feared for his life. this case is captivating south africa, being compared to the o.j. simpson trial. >> this is probably the biggest trial of the century, certainly so far. >> reporter: interes is so high a dedicated cable channel is now on air to cover proceedings. >> that tension between this almost godlike character, my mythological character, and the awful tragedy of what happened is something no one can resist. >> count 1 is one of murder -- >> reporter: in a crowded courtroom pistorius appears almost isolated, a lonely figure. but in that same way we've seen him on the field he's calm and focused, almost as if preparing for competition. >> it's only a matter of waking up and thinking i can do it. >> reporter: oscar pistorius was born without bones in his lower legs. after consulting with dozens of specialists, his parents made a decision to amputate from below the knee. he won a
Mar 5, 2014 12:37am PST
, but he put his head in his hand as if to block out what he was hearing when his defense counsel challenged a neighbor's testimony that she heard a woman's scream after the final shot. >> there was serious, serious brain damage. and our evidence will be that the person with that brain damage will have no response, no cognitive function, no thought process. she could not have screamed. >> the witness who was not on camera also lost her composure when describing her state of mind when she made her original statement. >> it was quite raw still. >> it was quite? >> raw, the emotion. when i'm in the shower, i relive those shots. >> she lives approximately two football fields away from the murder scene. we learned today that the defense team had carried out a test to recreate the screams at the same hour of the murder in pistorius' home to see if the sound would carry. a second witness described being awoken on valentine's day of 2013 by a commotion. >> it seems like somebody was involved in a fight. >> if found guilty, os tcar pistorius is looking at life in prison. we will continue t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)